2D Process

2D Engraving Process

Making Your 2D Photo Crystal

Pictures can instantly bring you back to a special moment in life. We bring those moments worth remembering to you in a very special way.  We eternalize your favorite pictures by subsurface engraving them into optical quality crystal. The finished product is so exceptionally brilliant . Send us your favorite photo and we will capture each smile or look into a piece to be treasured.

Your Photo
To have your most valued photos engraved into high quality optical glass, we simply need your digital photo as a master It can be sent in various formats such as .jpg, .bmp, and .png.

Please always send us your best quality image for the absolute best results.

Preparation of Your Photo

Your photo will be converted into a ready-to-laser, high-resolution file using our state of the art software. The brightness and contrast in your photo will be optimized to bring out the best results in the crystal. Captions can be added as specified and the image can also be resized and altered.We do not remove backgrounds of any 2d images unless you specify this.All of our products are of crystal or glass,this will be specified in all descriptions.

The Vitrography                                                                                                                                                        

The photo is now eternalized in high quality optical crystal, using our sophisticated laser technology. This process is called "vitrography". Depending on the desired size, the laser process takes approximately 10 to 20 minutes. We can also add any text you would want such as a dedication or a name.

Your 2D Photo Crystal

Your 2D image is now in a timeless piece of the highest caliber. As opposed to a traditional photo, your engraved photo crystal image will never fade or change color. It will only need minimal upkeep to clean off dust or fingerprints. I microfiber cloth, such as you would use on a pair of eyeglasses, is recommended.

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